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This is the LanguageCert ESOL course for the CERF C1 certificate of English.
In this course, you'll find all you need to prepare for your exam.
Apart from the practise material we offer you here, we'll also provide you with a number of external links to practise and improve your English.
The general section of the course contains some detailed information about the exam and how it is graded.
We also offer you the possibility to take part in our life classes, or book one to one tutoring with one of our teachers.
Once you've finished your course, and feel confident enough to sit the exam, you can buy an online proctored exam voucher from us, and take the exam whenever you want and wherever you are.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the forum or send a message to your tutor.

Este curso es para nuestros alumnos más jóvenes, de 4 a 10 años. Aquí les enseñamos los fundamentos del inglés de una forma divertida y lúdica.
Empezar a una edad temprana es la mejor manera de aprender cualquier idioma.
Este curso está destinado a nuestros alumnos de 10 a 12 años. Aquí se preparan para su primer examen de Cambridge. El KEY A2
Welcome to this course.
The documents and exercises you find on this site help you to study English and to prepare for your Cambridge B1 exam.
The main parts of the exam are:
We also put some exercise here to practice your grammar and vocabulary.
Along the year, we will use this course to make homework assignment for writing as well.
Have fun with the activities we set up for you.
Este es nuestro curso intermedio superior para adolescentes y adultos jóvenes. Te preparamos para el certificado FCE B2 de Cambridge.
Hi all,
Welcome to the new online learning platform of Centro Británico Linares.
Here you'll not only do your writing assignments, but also you also find some learning resources in this course.